Honor Roll

This is the place where we give credit where credit is due.  I do most of the writing, here.  But there are sometimes other contributors who have made "Bill's Spiritual Musings" a much better place. Sometimes with writing, sometimes with images that have spurred the thought process toward a particular topic.  And we want to properly honor those who have done that. :

I've followed Tim Challies for years on Twitter.  He's a pastor, writer, and blogger who has a definite heart after God.  His "7 Good Reasons To Stop Looking at Porn Right Now" is a guest repost for July 9, 2014.  All rights for this post are retained by Tim Challies.  We appreciate being able to reshare his thoughts and offer spiritual help in this area for those caught in this trap.

Sgt. Shawn Cassatt entered "Remember Me" in the 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest.  His picture took 3rd place.  And it seemed a fitting illustration of our 2013 Memorial Day post.  Let's never forget the men and women in uniform, going to battle in our stead.

John Vincent has supplied images for Afar Off, both the series and the booklet.  Also, for our recent "Are You Sure?" post.  He's also a friend and a spiritual sounding board.  And a fellow tech junkie.  Thanks for who you are, John.

Pastor Allan Leitner has been a dear friend for many years.  Besides being a friend and a pastor, he's a husband and a missionary with a vision for central United States.  But most of all, Pastor Allan has a clear insight into the heart of God.  We start his tenure as a guest poster with "Who's My Master?", on December 7, 2012.

Sometimes we're blessed enough to watch someone blossom in the Lord.  I've been blessed to witness some of that with Dakota Hobbie.  Dakota is a student at Maryland Bible College and Seminary.  She loves God. And what she does with a bluegrass fiddle is just wonderful.  I've had the privilege of watching her make right decisions and grow from a nice Christian girl to a strong Godly woman and a great friend in the Lord.  Her contribution, here, is the November 30, 2012 post, titled "Only God Is Big Enough".

Dru Stefan Stone is a West Coast photographer that I found on Google+.  It's hard to describe her style because, as I look through her work, there's such variety.  But all good and all interesting.  Her contribution, so far, is a photograph titled "Autumn Palette", which actually is the source of the post called "What You See Isn't Always What You Get", on November 18, 2012.

Pastor Doug Pearson and his wife Bethany minister in Mumbai, India.  The November 16, 2012 post, "This We Believe", are some thoughts that spoke to his heart.

Pastor Tom Sliva is a counselor, friend, evangelical Christian, husband, father, and much more.  He has experienced serious trials, including some serious health issues and the loss of a son to cancer.  Through all this, Pastor Tom has developed a deep relationship with God.  And learned how to truly give and receive love.  His first guest posts, here, is "God's Way", September 14, 2012 and "Where is the Encouragement?", November 7, 2012. We're looking forward to more.

Hamel Tailor, like me, is experimenting with photography using the camera in his Blackberry.  His picture of Saturna Island, British Columbia, Canada highlights the thought of peace in the September 6, 2012 post, "My Peace I Give Unto You....".

Saija Lehtonen is an award winning photographer whose images of southwestern US landscapes and bird life capture the attention. Her "Stormy Butte" illustrates my August 13, 2012 post, "Run for Your Life!".

GodVine posts graphics of Godly statements on Facebook and elsewhere.  They're the source of the one used for the August 6, 2012 post, "What's Your Poison?".

Mike Shaw took the picture titled "Heaven's Gate", which we also used as the title of the July 4, 2012 post it illustrates.  The picture itself is stunning.  I immediately saw the glory of God in His creation. Then I read Mike's comments.  And there was a different take on it. And that got me thinking about how much our experience, learning, and perspective effect our conclusions.

Barry Blanchard took "Where I Live" that got me thinking about the idea behind the "Afar Off" series that began April 8, 2012 and slowly grew through June 16, 2012.  The light coming over the horizon spoke volumes to me that resulted in the series.

Gailen Mapes is one of my more recent finds.  "Scotts Bluff in the Fog" spoke to me about our relationship with God.  So it created the post it illustrates, "On the Mountaintop", January 5, 2012.

Luke Griffin is another of my Google+ gems.  His "Smooth Swiss" is the illustration for "In The Moment", December 15, 2011.

Mary Kay creates some stunning images.  When I saw her "The Dark Traveler", it immediately became the seed thought for the "On My Own" series that started November 23, 2011.

Neil Camara is a very prolific photographer.  But not just lots of pictures.  There's variation and quality.  There was a barn shot at sunset titled "The Burning Skies in Illinois".  It reminded me of the rich man in Luke 12 who was going to build more and larger barns. And so, the photograph became the inspiration for "This Will I Do", on November 13, 2011.

Neil Kremer does some great photographic work.  Like so many others, I discovered him on Google+.  His "Crazy Mary" is the seed thought for "A Far Off Goal", October 4, 2011.

Jay Patel is an outstanding scenic nature photographer who I discovered on Google+.  You can see his photograph titled "Going to Sun Road" as the starting point for both posts of the "Spiritual Light" series.  Those were September 25th and 27th 2011.  

Lotus Carroll is another stellar photographer that I found on Google+.  Her "I Think We're Alone Now" was the seed thought and the illustration for "Perspective Does Make a Difference" on September 17, 2011.  It was taken at the Hearst Mining Building at UC, Berkeley.  Her subject matter is varied.  

I found Varina Patel on Google+ before I saw her husband Jay's work.  She's also an amazing scenic photographer.  She did a shot of a lone bush in the Death Valley desert that became the inspiration and illustration for "The Lone Blossom in the Desert" on September 11, 2011.  

Trisha Davis did a guest post called "Forgiving the Cheating Pastor" on another site.  I felt it was so good about forgiveness that I got permission to repost it here on August 15, 2011.  I still go back and reread it periodically.  She and her husband, Pastor Justin Davis, have a blog at http://www.refineus.org.  And, besides Pastor Justin pastoring a church, the two together have a marriage counseling ministry.

Juan Rivera is a friend I met through several Christian Blackberry Messaging groups,.  He shared a poem he wrote when he was going through some things.  And we had the privilege to include "I Wish I Knew Then...." on July 14, 2011.

Todd Parsons.  We've been friends and coworkers for a very long time.  Recently, he started sharing some of his devotional studies by email.  Wonderful stuff.  Todd gave me carte blanche to reshare them.  So, you'll find some of those peppered all over 2011 and after.