About Us

Hi, I'm Bill Kraski and I'm a Christian blogger, author, preacher, speaker, tech writer, phone counselor.  I'm affiliated with Greater Grace World Outreach church in Baltimore, MD. But I'm in the process of preparing to go on the foreign mission field in Costa Rica as part of our church team in San Jose.

I have degrees from Upsala College (Business Administration) and Maryland Bible College & Seminary (Church Ministry).

I help Christians and non-Christians alike live a life that is productive and having the kind of joy and peace that carries them through any circumstances.

Having dealt with a physical handicap for my entire life and people's reactions to it, I'm aware that skin color is only one source of prejudice.  And any form of negativity can either leave us angry and bitter or it can allow us to grow in ways that are beyond what normal circumstances would lead us to.

So, I aim at creating a safe space, but not by hiding from life.  I try to give you the best tools to succeed in life, even if we go through trials and turmoil.  I want you to have all the strengths you need to be joyous and have peace, no matter what.

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