Saturday, July 9, 2016

Can Dallas Be A Turning Point? - Part 1

image used under Creative Commons license, courtesy of Wikipedia, photo by Aaron Escobar
The "Root" of things is never "flesh-and-blood" it is always principalities and Powers and tactics of darkness. Prayer exposes and tears down the "Root". Prayer will change our nation. Our Authority is in prayer! Ephesians 6:10-13.

That's a quote from my friend, Pastor Jason Moore.  And it fits today's thoughts.  As does our illustration.  That's a mango tree, I'm not quite sure how the roots got exposed.  With a plant or tree, water and nutrients are taken in through the root system, while sunlight is absorbed through the leaves to create the conversion process so the plant can use the water and nutrients.

Our own growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually, works in much the same way.  We are a product of what we take in and how we convert it.  And that speaks to what happened in Dallas, too.

Let's start with an experience that began a few years ago.  A then friend of mine decided he needed to leave our Bible college and church.  His explanation was the racism of conservative white Christians.  We continued conversing online, over the next several years.  And that's where things got really interesting.

He was ready to blame me and every other white conservative Christian for things that happened before my relatives were even in this country.  Despite the fact that African slavery began with Africans capturing Africans.  It was part of war strategy for so many ancient societies.  When the enemy is conquered, sell off some as slaves, kill some, make babies with others (drawing mothers and children into your society).  That weakens the enemy's potential of fighting back in the future.

The other part of blaming me and other conservative white Christians was that there was a live, "recognizable" "enemy".  It wasn't some dead name that could no longer hold the same level of accountability that a living target does.  Whether there was any reason to make us accountable for history or not.  Racism has never been just a white problem.  And it's never been just a British and American problem.

Every color of man has found ways to make anyone different miserable.  Ways to make them seem less.  No matter who we are, we seem to be good at that.  Somehow, power or the love of power always seems to take precedence over people.  One of the shortcomings of being a fallen human.

Dr. Caroline Leaf shared a Nelson Mandela quote I think fits here.

In modern slang, if we can screw it up, we can fix it.  The fact is, we can.  If we get out of our own way.  And if we let God bring things together.  Remember Luke 1:37, "For with God nothing will be impossible."

We haven't talked about adding that God factor.  And we haven't talked about modern day politics or Black Lives Matter.  Plus an online friend shared a a Hugh Welchel sermon that fits in.  So, there's more to come on Monday.  In the meantime, was Mandela right?


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