Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lose Yourself at the Cross (Video)

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I'm blessed enough to be in a ministry where, when my pastor is away, there are other preachers who can stand in the gap and share great messages.  So we always get a great portion from the Word.  And if I'm away on a trip or on the mission field, I can always stream services and sermons.  But there's just something special about hearing your pastor live, in person.  I'd hope you feel the same way about being spiritually fed and taught by your own pastor.

Anyway, my pastor was away, speaking at our European Conference in Budapest.  And Sunday morning I was visiting one of our affiliated churches.  So Wednesday was the first time I could hear Pastor Schaller live, after that conference. It might be that I missed his portion, but I think this was just a special thought from God.  I think you'll be as blessed as I was, sitting in the chapel.  The video is on the other side of the break.

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