Monday, February 22, 2016

San Jose, Headed Home

That's the church logo starting this post.  Each year the church has existed, something new has been added.  That was one of the first.

Day 12 (continued): There was one other event, in between everything else.  One of the families in our church needed help moving out of one apartment, into another more secure place.  I couldn't help much physically.  But the prayers and presence go a long way.  Especially since I could honestly tell them I'd still be praying for them when I returned to Baltimore.  And I could tell them without a translator.  Real life John 13:34, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another."

Day 13: Saturday.  We did the walking street outreach. Brent has developed some skills with magic tricks. He uses that to share the Gospel.  The rest of the group that goes with him then talks, one on one, with people in the crowd that gathers.  I missed that one, both Saturdays I was there.  My ankles were swollen and sore.  But it's an outreach I intend to be part of, on my return.

Thanks to an app on my phone from one of the local Baltimore TV stations, I knew the Blizzard of 2016 had started on Friday and was continuing.  By Sunday, Baltimore would have an official 29" of snow, more in some places.  I was supposed to fly back on Monday.  I was reconsidering that one. And praying.

Church Garden
Day 14: Repeat last Sunday.  Great service, NFL football afterwards.  I needed to listen to the translator more, this service.  My Spanish wasn't quite up to some of what was being shared.  But I still was able to do some without translation.  Still a plus on the language front.

There was time between the service and the final NFL playoffs.  So, I checked the Baltimore news and Southwest flight schedules.  The flights had been cancelled through Sunday, though Monday's flight was still listed as "on time".  Looking at the news reports for the Baltimore area gave a different messy story.

Job 12:12-13 (NKJV)  Wisdom is with aged men, And with length of days, understanding.  "With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and understanding.

Yup.  my sense of humor at work again.  I've already suggested I'm not exactly the youngest missionary.  But the Bible speaks a lot of wisdom.  And it's always in terms of developing our relationship with God.  In the present case, there was an added matter of physical comfort and safety.  It was pretty obvious that, even if my flight did go and they cleared the runways at BWI, I might be sleeping at the airport.  Or, worse, my ride might be putting himself in danger trying to pick me up. The church team and I unanimously agreed that I was better off staying where I was till a flight opened, later in the week.  So, a phone call moved my flight to Friday, the first flight with an open seat.  And another call let my ride know I was arriving at the end of the week.  Then we sat down to enjoy football and homemade quesadillas.

Days 15-16:  We didn't get to The Farm on Monday, nor Tuesday.  So, I had plenty of time to catch up on writing, laundry, and a walk to the local mall with Jose.  The mall is kind of a social focal point for the area, as are other malls in other sections of San Jose.  Jose and I went to grab a bite at one of the places on the food courts.  Yes, courts.  There's one section with all the American food chains, another with Costa Rican food booths.  I opted for local.  As much as I like burgers and Subway, I didn't go to Costa Rica to eat American food.  And some spicy Costa Rican shrimp was just the thing.

Taking Off
Day 17:  University outreach was stellar!  More souls and some who had some solid seeds planted. My last fellowship supper and Wednesday service seemed particularly rich.  The greeting time more poignant.  And, after church, one of the boys in the congregation had a birthday, including cake and a radio controlled car for his birthday.  Several hours later, he was in need of a new set of batteries.

Day 18: Packing day.  And then some good time of fellowship with Brent, Lucy, Dominick, Tracey, and Jose.  We finished the day with Brent leading a men's Bible study, complete with homemade pizza.

Day 19: Friday and fly day.  Brent, Dominick, and Tracey took me to the airport on their way to the park outreach to the Nicaraguans.  The Costa Rican version of TSA is no less invasive, although friendlier.  When I was arriving, it took longer than planned to reach San Jose.  That was true for the plane arriving with passengers and taking me back to Baltimore.  The flight back seemed to take the expected amount of time, however BWI to San Jose apparently gets some wind delays.  The flight back to Baltimore was uneventful.

This post may seem pretty matter of fact, without much rah rah.  No, we're not done.  In the next post, I name names.  If God has a "hall of fame", some of the San Jose church are surely on it.

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