Saturday, January 23, 2016

Walk In The Spirit

Today, we have a guest post we're resharing from Google+.  My friend Jim Cassidy wrote an interesting post on walking in the Spirit.  It blessed me.  I thought it would bless you, too.  Some may have read this before.  That gives you a chance to relearn it.  For the rest, here's another shot at getting closer to God.

Keeping In Step With the Holy Spirit

The Spirit-filled life is a life of walking and working in harmony with the Holy Spirit. (Gal. 3:1-6) (The Holy Spirit -- quickens, enlightens, convicts, comforts, draws, indwells, teaches, cleanses, leads, assures, seals, assists, intercedes, transforms, perseveres, confirms, and endows).  It is not a life of struggling alone to please a distant King. There are no solo chores. There are no marching orders... the Spirit-filled life is a relationship wherein two work as one.  The Word of God puts great emphasis upon "walking in the Spirit. . . keeping in touch with the Spirit. . . allowing Him to lead our lives."

I. WALKING IN THE SPIRIT: Gal. 5:16-17; 24;

We receive all of the Spirit at the time of our salvation. We don't receive Him piece by piece or bit by bit, or little by little.  We have all of Him we can have, the problem is does He have all of us... does He have control of our beings?  So, now that He is in us -- what can we expect? What should be the norm?

A. The Biblical Emphasis is upon our walk with the Spirit -- Gal. 5:16, 24
1. There is the indwelling that took place at our salvation -- now there is the daily influence that must be a daily experience.
2. "Be ye -- being filled! or be ye being controlled by the Spirit -- and this refers to a walk... a daily relationship.
3. To walk in the Spirit -- Gal. 5:15-18 -- is to be led by the Spirit.

a. We are to take our cues from Him, He is a personal guide, a moral compass... someone to show us the way -- "I will not leave you comfortless, (orphans)" Jesus said.

b. Not like a police officer pointing the way -- not like someone in a control tower telling jets where to land -- not someone telling you the way -- but someone going the way with you.

c. There is a big difference between being led and being directed. The Holy Spirit is our leader, our guide, He is always there, and desires to fulfill the goals the Heaven Father desires.

d. He is tuned into our emotional state and our surroundings -- He is always sensitive to both -- He leads at a perfect pace -- He always knows our weaknesses -- and strengths, and takes them into consideration.

4. Being led by someone assumes a continuing relationship; it implies fellowship. It brings to mind cooperation, sensitivity, and common goals.

 5. When someone is following another, there must be trust, even to the point of dependency.... all of this describe the believer's relationship with the Holy Spirit as the Christian allows Him to be guide.

To walk in the Spirit is to live with moment by moment dependency on and sensitivity to the initial promptings of the Holy Spirit.

B. The Biblical emphasis is also on Christlikeness-- Rom 8:29; Gal. 4:19; II Cor. 3:16-19
1. The emphasis is upon righteousness -- Rom. 3:10,19-20; Rom. 10:1-3; Rom. 3: 21-23, 25; I Cor. 5:21; He is made unto us -- I Cor. 1:30

2. A positional righteousness -- a practical righteousness -- But who makes it possible to grow unto righteousness? The Holy Spirit.

3. Christ-like character and behavior is His desire -- His aim and goal in our lives. Gal. 5:22-23

4. His goal is to lead us down the path of righteousness -- Gal. 5:16.
a. So we do not walk in the flesh,
b. Our purpose of walking in the Spirit is not to just find the will of God -- but to so live in dependency on the Spirit (sensitivity to promptings of) that we say no to the pull of the flesh -- it's lusts, desires,
c. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Gal. 5:24
d. Walk "in line with... in agreement with... the Spirit.
e. Let us "keep in step with the Spirit..."
f. Spirit filled life is not just a bunch of don'ts but a large list of DO's.


1. This not an automatic thing.
2. We were slaves to sin -- Rom. 6:16-17; 6:20;
3. We must realize that we are set free from sin -- otherwise we feel that when the tug of temptation is there -- we have to give in -- inclination is to follow the fleshly desires.
4. Realize that in Christ -- we are free -- Rom. 6:11-14;
5. We must live the life of being set free -- Rom. 8:1-8
6. The battle is won or lost in what we think upon -- who controls our thoughts -- what we think is truth -- Eph. 6:17 -- we have the sword of the Spirit -- the Word of God -- II Cor. 10:5;
7. The Holy Spirit is equipped, committed to prompting you.. to guide you, Our part is surrender -- yielding to, depending up, walk with.

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