Saturday, December 12, 2015

Faith in God's Faithfulness (Video)

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First, an announcement.  Or, to be more precise, an announcement of an announcement.  The books are stating to sell the way they deserve to.  And that, of course, helps fund our mission trip that's coming up.  Because of all who have been praying and donating, we have a Christmas gift that we'll be announcing on Christmas Eve.  Look forward to that one!

The mission trip is definitely a go.  We have the plane tickets, I was able to use some of my credit to cover the hostel where I'll be staying.  We still need finances for meals, snacks, and local transportation (including to and from both airports).  And it'd be nice if God would pay back the credit card company. There are links to my books, either side of our post area.  And there's a link to our funding page, to the left.  If you haven't donated, yet, and feel led to contribute, those are all ways you can help.  Having said that, let's get to today's post.

It's been about a month since our last video.  This one is from a Wednesday service from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to some health issues, then, and a busy schedule since, I missed this one. I've seen online comments that this was a message not to be missed.  So, I thought we could watch it together.  So, let's go!

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