Saturday, November 28, 2015

O' So Sweet

We''ll finish this morning's post with a short thought from Todd Parsons.  But this is a little more than just a guest post.  Some of it fits our random thoughts category.  Let's get to the first.

You may notice that we didn't use our usual "guest post" graphic.  We "borrowed" that verse graphic from our friend, Theresa Wolmart.  Here in the US, we're on a holiday weekend that started on Thursday with Thanksgiving, a day where we remember that the pilgrims' first act when they landed in the New World and were given food by the native Americans was to have a feast together with those native people to honor and thank God for the blessings they had. Our graphic highlights that thought, the heart of the verse referenced.

1 Thessalonians 5:18  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I love that it says "in everything".  Not just when we feel blessed, not just when things go the way we want them to.  Everything we experience is allowed to be included by God for our spiritual growth.  That's a great thing.  But it strikes me that our thanks in and for everything has a time element.  It also becomes "at all times".  Our gratitude is expected to go beyond the holidays where we experience the things that allow our flesh to generate an emotional sense of gratitude.  So, we begin our random thoughts with thankfulness.  Not late for the holiday, but stretching the one day a year to 365.

If you've watched the news, you've heard about the gunman who took over a Planned Parenthood facility, with lives taken.  It had me thinking about several things.  One was the fact that we can speak of similar incidents in the Middle East or Europe or wherever and attribute them to Boko Haran or Al Quaida or ISIS.  But as soon as someone acts in a similar way here, we blame the gun, not the person.  A double standard?

One of the newscasts shared a snippet from a document going around among some of the authorities, expecting attacks on places like Planned Parenthood.  The document referred to "pro life extremists" in a way that I wasn't sure whether they were differentiating extremists from advocates or had determined all advocates were extremists.  A sign of things to come?  Perhaps.

Thinking about that document, along with the rhetoric surrounding support for the baker who wouldn't create a cake for a gay wedding, there has been talk of religious persecution.  To those who think these things are persecution I say, "Get a life!".  We may be seeing some precursors, but until we experience the things like Richard Wurmbrand, Pastor Saeed, and those Christians executed, some painfully, by ISIS, we don't have a clue what real persection is.  And that's something we can be thankful for, too.  With that in mind, let's close with a thought from Todd Parsons.


Proverbs 27:7  The full soul loathes an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

     I can lie to myself and say how I am full and I do not need God, who is actually the satisfaction that my soul is looking for. However, I also can let myself see God as the satisfaction that I long for and find out how hungry I really am without His portion in my life and I also see every correction necessary in my thoughts and in my life; though bitter on the one hand, on the other hand it is O' So Sweet as I find myself nearer and nearer to the satisfaction my soul truly loves and longs for...

Proverbs 27:19  As in water face answers to face, so the heart of man to man.

     Lets draw closer and closer to the face of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, together!!!

     Of So Great Love, we are, tjp

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