Saturday, June 6, 2015

Missions: Hearing The Cry Of The Lost - Part 2 (Video)

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Monday, we included a verse shared by our pastor in the early Sunday morning service.  And the focus was missions. That's true of today's video, too.  It's the later service from that same morning.  Our missions director, Pastor Steve Scibelli talks about missions, followed by Pastor Gary Groenewold talking about faith giving to missions.

Just to put things in perspective, Pastor Scibelli has spent a lot of time in Africa.  Now, he still visits there a lot.  But he also gets to visit our pastors and missionaries in other parts of the world.  And Pastor Gary, as he mentioned, was a missionary in Germany for 12 years.  I think you'll be blessed.


We're not yet part of that official church list of missionaries to support.  So, this is just a reminder: If you'd like to contribute to our first international mission trip, you can donate at Send Bill to Costa Rica.  Thanks.

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