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5 Qualities of Great Leadership

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One of the blessings of being in a very active community of Christian bloggers is that I get to read all sorts of great posts on a variety of topics, all designed to help you and I reach the next level with each other and with God.  Last Saturday, we looked at Dwight Clough's discussion of our online presence, which is a form of leadership.  Today we get to reshare Jeffrey Perry's thoughts on leadership.

Our illustration kind of sets the scene.  It's "Scotland Forever!" by Lady Elizabeth Butler, depicting the Scots Greys at the Battle of Waterloo.  The officer at the front of the charge reminded me of a thought from John Maxwell.  He compared a boss and a leader.  He suggested that a boss pushes his people from behind.  In contrast, he described a leader as someone who was ahead of or with his people, bringing them along with him.  With that in mind, let's see what Jeffrey Perry has to say.

A leader is a guide, someone who shows the way. The Bible teaches us the different kinds of leadership. Isaiah 3:12 shows false leadership. Luke 6:39 opens our eyes to blind leadership. Isaiah 11:6 gives us an example of young leadership. Safety is a leadership quality seen in Psalm 78:53 with the phrase “He guided them safely along, while the sea covered their enemies.” Isaiah 40:11 describes gentleness as a characteristic. Deuteronomy 8:2 reminds us God is our faithful leader. “Remember the whole way by which HE has brought you theses forty years through the desert so that HE might, by humbling you, test you to see if you have it within you to keep HIS commandments or not.” Great leaders are led by others. Christians follow the shadow of the perfect leader, Lord Jesus.
Leadership is a challenging call. We run the risk of being misunderstood, having our motives questioned, and live under a microscope. Leadership is not for the faint of heart, nor character.

1. Develop trust and credibility.

I have a little saying to help with this category, “Hope I continue following good.” A good reminder of character traits in leadership.
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Fairness
  • Goodness
2. Share the vision with clarity.

Imagine boarding a boat without knowing its direction? Then you ask, “Where are we going?” And one of the crew members says, “We don’t know.” Communicate the vision and direction.

3. Help other succeed.

Part of guidance is helping others reach their potential. Overtime we develop the pattern of achievement, excellence, and leadership that will be recognized and rewarded. When our circles of influence succeed, people will take notice how you are leading well.

4. Decide and be responsible.

Everything rises or falls on leadership. If what you have is not what you need, it’s not your harvest, it’s your seed. The biblical reap and sow principle helps in our decision-making. We are responsible for our decisions.

5. Keep it under control in the right direction.

Success sharpens your skills, and builds confidence. Failure teaches greater lessons. It exposes wrong assumptions, character flaws, error in judgment, and poor working methods. During both seasons, show self-control while remaining on the course.

Jesus is our true Leader. He was blameless and Deity shown by the resurrection. He continuously communicated the mission. He raised his disciples from fisherman into leaders. He willfully endured the cross, and is responsible for all who believe by faith. Jesus never faltered His eyes never swayed from the mission of atonement.

He leads us into His truth (Psalm 25:5) and shows us His goodness (Psalm 5:8). He directs the way we should go (Isaiah 48:17) even when we can’t see the direction (Isaiah 42:16). Jesus leads on a smooth path (Psalm 27:11). Not only is Jesus the guide. He is also the destination. John 14:6 says “Jesus answered, I AM the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through ME.”

Grace and peace in your leadership.

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