Saturday, February 21, 2015

Twitter Thoughts on Prayer - Ann Voskamp

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Ann Voskamp is renowned for her womens' ministry and her books.  I've only recently begun to follow her on Twitter.  On February 12 she tweeted a series of things with the hashtag #pray703.  

I'm assuming there was some kind of previous announcement.  Perhaps on Twitter or some other form of social media, maybe in a conference or book. Wherever it was, I missed it. Nevertheless, the few comments I saw seemed to indicate that the goal was a group of people would make it their priority to be praying at 7:03 am, wherever they were.  That's probably 7:03 am in Mrs. Voskamp's time zone, so they'd all be praying together, wherever they were.  But that's a guess.

I was blessed to find the series of tweets and several from the day before that I saw as introductory thoughts.  I realized that came together as a great meditation series of insights on prayer.  Other than these introductory comments to give you a heads up on what's coming, there are no further comments or explanations from me.  I think the tweets stand up by themselves, both individually and as a body of work.  The only changes I've made were to fix spacing in order to make some easier to read, since we don't have 140 character limit, here.  So, head over to the rest of this post and be blessed.

Make us daily pray for character greater than our calling and for a humility greater than our work.

The hopeful stare up the steps. The faithful step up the stairs.

The next step may feel like a leap of faith but our best mode of transportation is always a leap of faith.

Make us strong & courageous to do that next step that seems impossible — because that’s who we are: The ImpossABLES.

Praying: Forgive us for loving our agendas more  -- instead of interrupting our agendas because we love You most. #Pray703

Forgive us as a church for pursuing lavish buildings, instead of lavish love, for being known for offensive pride, instead of offensive grace.

Praying: Forgive us who have loved You so little, because we have loved ourselves so much. #Pray703

Praying: Forgive us for not dying to dead things so there can be resurrection in us of real things. #Pray703

Praying: Forgive us for thinking there could be revival in the land before there was revival in our hearts. #Pray703

Praying: Forgive us for wanting the nations to return to You when we haven't returned to our first love. #Pray703

Forgive us for caring about how our cup looks on the outside, instead of how we look on the inside & pouring our lives right out #Pray703

Praying at 7:03:"If you're returning to the Lord with all your heart, direct your heart to Him & serve him only & He will deliver you out" 1 Sam7:03

Praying till 7:14: "If my people, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn, then I will heal their land." 2 Chron7:14


  1. Those are all great quotes Bill. - During this Lenten season I am praying for a greater desire and passion for prayer. - I need to step it up in 2015

  2. Me, too. The neat thing about those tweets is that they do awesome things as a body of thought, but we can :chew on" each one individually and gain great insight that way, too.

  3. Thank you Bill for these great thoughts here - you are such a communicator or LIFE!