Monday, December 8, 2014

Involuntary Vacation

image used under Creative Commons license, courtesy of, picture by Nicholas A. Tonelli
You may have noticed we didn't post Friday and didn't spend much time on social media Since late Tuesday.  We've been battling the flu.  Still are.  We're doing better, but we'll take your prayers. We're actually having a great time with God.  And, yes, chomping at the bit while, at the same time, enjoying God's enforced vacation.

We should be back to a normal schedule by next week, maybe sooner.  Our next LifeNote is already set to publish, this coming Thursday.  So, that will go as scheduled.  Anything else, this week, is questionable.  In the meantime, God's been showing me some interesting things that I'm sorting out so that I can share them here and on our Other Stuff blog.  It's been enlightening.  And, when the time comes, we hope it enlightens you, as well.

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