Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Visible Kingdom To Come - Part 1

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license, courtesy of Wikipedia

Last week, we shared two sermon videos from my pastor. Both dealt with the timeline leading up to and through the Millenial Reign.  Today's two parter (note that it's labeled Part 1) consists of the two morning services from Sunday of  Labor Day weekend.  The second service was less timeline oriented, so we chose not to post it for Friday.  But it is important. We've included a link to the YouTube video at the bottom of this post.  Since both are upwards of 40 minutes each, you may not want to view both in one sitting.  But we do recommend that you take the time to watch both.

Here's the second part on YouTube: The Visible Kingdom To Come - Part 2.  As we've said, it's well worth the effort to view both, as you're able.

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