Friday, July 11, 2014

Onyx - Dark and Light Devotional Excerpt

The storm cover image is used under Creative Commons license,
courtesy of, photo supplied by Albert Herring.
 The picture is “Stormy Skies in Glacier” by David Restivo, and
was taken in Glacier National Park, Montana.
July's devotional book is Onyx - Dark and Light. As you can see by our illustration, there isn't much light in a normal night sky, without the aid of an external light source.  Which is where God comes in. He's omnipresent and He dwells in the darkness of our trials.  So, He's there to shed light and lighten our burdens.

It's easy to focus on our trials, even to a point where they become our total mindset, crowding God out of our thoughts.  Which is exactly what the devil would want.  If our attention can be taken away from God's presence, Satan can work on convincing us that God doesn't care and won't or can't give us safe passage through our moments of darkness.  Here's a thought from our latest devotional:

Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV) He hath made every thing beautiful in his time:

By being right there with us in the darkest times, the very nature of that darkness changes by the fact that there is light in the darkness.  We have the deliverance and translation (mentioned yesterday) always available.  Even when we don’t sense His presence. Something that’s part of the nature of not having a relationship with God.  But it’s also possible if we let our flesh push God aside.  We do have free will.

In either case, He’s always ready and willing to pour out the blessings.  But there are several catches.

  1. We recognize Him as God and capable of handling our problems.
  2. If we acknowledge that, we should be thinking relationship instead of what we can get.
  3. We are willing to have Him fix our issues His way.  While that is the best way and the most complete, it’s not always the most comfortable route.

Prayer thoughts for day 14:  We want to recognize that there is someone powerful enough and loving enough to solve our problems and protect us.  Even more, that wants to.  Our sin nature, our flesh created issues for us that Jesus went to the Cross for.  It’s not something God took lightly, limiting the results to a select few.  It was done for all mankind, leaving the choice of accepting that gift up to us.  But it’s in that relationship that we have the power of God dealing with our situations.  And it’s only then that we see all the things God did before we were His to protect us.  We need Him to draw is into that relationship or guide us toward the full blessings of the one we have.


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