Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wound Our Hearts

image used under Creative Commons license,
photo by Cherry Nahme on deviantart
So.  Here we are, presenting the first ever music video on the blog.  Once, again, this from one of my online friends.  This month we'll be showcasing some of my friends a bit more than usual.  Besides our usual schedule, next week is our ministry's International Convention.  So we've been working on getting ahead on things so we can focus totally on the convention.  We're expecting rhemas from the Word.  And we have friends coming from all over the world, so the fellowship will be rich.

Today's music video is "Wound Our Hearts" by Adriel Hong. She's a relatively new Christian singer/songwriter.  At least somewhat new to us.  Adriel recruited her brother, Daniel Tekunoff, for the guitar accompaniment on this one.  And it's the perfect combination.

We've mentioned, before, that we tend to listen to quiet instrumentals when reading, writing, or meditating.  Most often it's jazz or classical type music.  That way, it's just us and God, without the songwriter's spirituality (or lack of it) intervening.  But there are exceptions. And this is one of them.  We think you'll be as blessed as we are by the sweetness of both the music and the lyrics.  "Wound Our Hearts" by Adriel Hong is after the break.

If you liked Adriel's song as much as we did, her YouTube page is here: .

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