Friday, June 13, 2014

The Right Liberation of Women

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Recently, we spoke about the validity of online relationships.  One of those blessings has been a beautiful young lady from "down under", named Melanie Baker-Nash.  To say that she's gung ho for God would be an understatement. 

Late last week, she posted a commentary about some females posting those well known selfies showing parts of the anatomy in ways designed to stir up male lusts.  She got a lot of negative feedback.  Everything from her not being a liberated woman to Mel being judgmental.  It's amazing how the one bringing in accountability suddenly is seen as judgmental.

My own response was that these young ladies were sending a message to the guys they're trying to attract that they're showing the best or most important attribute they have.  Forget the mind, ignore the soul, the personality is unimportant.  It's "Look at my body.".  That makes the woman nothing more than the sex object she complains about being treated as. It shifts the focus from the value God has given a woman to becoming the commodity Satan would prefer she be.

As a result of the varying responses, Melanie did a video blog post, with some written introductory comments.  I know we don't normally do two guest posts in one week.  But I thought this was important enough to change our posting pattern.  Normally, I use the exact titles of the videos.  But I modified my post title slightly to better reflect Melanie's thoughts.

Here's Melanie:

I have done something different...I have made a Vlog (a video blog post) in response to my recent FB status update about women and their provocative far there have been 38 comments and some of which were against what I said as loving encouragement... Anyway here is my Vlog if you'd like to listen to some of my personal story and why I take the stance I do for the true liberation of women which yes, is counter-cultural.


  1. Feel honoured and blessed to be given a voice here on BIll's Musings - praise Him!

    1. Your heart for God and for those young women gives you a right to be here. Thanks for being who you are.