Friday, April 4, 2014

The Waters of Marah

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Every once in awhile, we like to switch things up a bit. Yes, we will be getting back to the end of the "Coal or Diamond" series.  But, from time to time, something crosses my path that just screams at me, "Share me now!".  This was one of those times.

The Pastor of one of our affiliated churches has been seriously ill, recently.  That's Pastor Duke Horton, in York, PA.  Another of the multitude of great people I've been in Bible college with. Without Pastor Duke as a friend, my life would be much poorer.  I'm not the only one who feels that way.  Our whole church, in Baltimore and other locations, has been praying for Pastor Duke.  And Pastor Duke wrote an open letter to all of us praying for him.  I thought it was worth sharing. And don't forget to add Pastor Duke to your prayer list.

This is the letter from Pastor Duke:

I'm still amazed. All that we know and have experienced of God, and yet, in a trial, many are having what is called a "crisis of faith".  I believe that we all prefer "unwavering, unshakable faith" in the crisis. However unstable one's faith may become, we abide in God HIMSELF and choose to believe His promises, regardless how we feel, how weak or how strong. There is not one situation, one dilemma, one sickness, one sorrow, that can cut us off from our Father.  He knows, He sees, He hears, and just like He did with Moses and Israel, our time of deliverance is on the way, either in life or through death. 

While we wait upon our God, we continue to draw near to HIM by faith.  Though He seems far away, we know He is not, because He has promised us so.  We won't let a "spirit of heaviness" take us over. Instead, we put on the "garment of praise".  We say as our brother Job did, "though He slay me, I will trust Him."

This kind of statement can only come from the lips of one who truly understands and knows the heart of God, revealed through the sufferings, the cross, and the resurrection of Christ. There is no greater manifestation and revelation of God's amazing love & grace for our crisis of faith.  In our personal crisis, God shows us His cross.  We may have "bitter waters of crisis" come, BUT no matter the characteristics of the crisis, the answer is stiil the same -- "put the CROSS in and the bitter waters are made sweet.
(See: Psalm 37:1-7; Ex. 3; Isa 61:1-4; Ex 15.)

Love you all! 

Ps. God says, Many are the afflictions of the RIGHTEOUS. But, the Lord delivers Him out of them all.

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