Friday, January 11, 2013


Here’s another insightful guest post from Pastor Tom Sliva:

Sadly, can we meditate for a brief second on a bottomed out man? He has self-destructed. Yes, he is not responsible for the crushing blow of the wounding circumstance. Nevertheless, once absorbed, the soul did its thing, and without power to stop it, the triggered mechanism wrecked and marred.

The Bible has this verse “If the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3. The answer to that question is “not much”. They can’t because their equipment for handling even day to day events has taken a hit.

What are these foundations? Some functional foundations would include thinking, processing thoughts, forming a conception, discerning a situation, thinking a thing through, etc.  Without these basics, which are vital for decision making support, paralysis hardens.

“ If the iron be blunt and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength, but wisdom is profitable to direct,” Ecclesiastes 10:10  The above said soul-overrunning, leaves a person dull. Faculties, once sharp, now struggle to cut-it in the least degree.

The sad state of affairs casseroles in the oven of peer pressurers: a latent and passive group of potential intercessors. These are the guys who would give you the shirt off their back; however, they lack adequate brain-gumption to strip off and give, now when it’s really needed. These complicate the overall problem, accepting their twisted fate right along side yours.

What if my car digresses to the point of not running? It relies on my intervention of gas, oil, water, spark plugs, battery etc. We would never justify owning a car that does not run, yet with humankind we tolerate much more. In fact, the earth features our species walking around at ‘half-mess’, playing with half a deck or morphing into a zombie-like semblance of what a man ought to be. Infants and children we excuse, but not adults.

Say what you may, but we polish our BMW as we scratch and neglect to rust and decay our size 7 and a half head. This disgracing, humiliating, defacing, abusing, degrading and misusing of our potential, typifies our culture, but not automobile-dom, washing machine world, or especially big screen TV world.

Somehow, as a societal precept, we enjoin reducing a person, rather than elevating him/her; we study to find ways to tear down, and forget to build. This defines a curse, or should we say, this names “The Curse”. Part of this curse is: we don’t even know we have a curse. We tolerate the junkyard of human brains in order to be known as “cool.” Bluntly our fallen society nurtures sickies, druggies, and all sorts of feel-good types, many practicing undercover, blissfully enjoying their ignorance, till their bottom drops out.

“Wisdom is profitable to direct”, so the verse goes. A person who falls and chooses the ‘infant’s escape’ of fantasy living, essentially must be worn out in his self- perpetuated state of stupor in order to get a hunger to receive help. The very powerful fuels of “hatred”,” anger”, “resentment”, “revenge”, “depression”, “poor self image”, “sexual chasings”, “money-drive”, “etc” all keep the axe very dull. Maybe it will take years, but please God, bind up these broken hearted and set some of these captives free.

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