Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where is the Encouragement?

Today, we get blessed with some thoughts from a proposed book by Pastor Tom Sliva.  This is a more personal insight.  Consider the following verse as you read:

Ephesians 4:29 (KJV)  Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.


Brow-beaten children do not develop, as half of their brain has stopped working.  A child neglected is a child rejected. Growing up, I started a lot of stuff and then quit. I started boy-scouts and quit, I started football and quit. Quitters are born and quitters are formed. When I quit stuff, I usually got yelled at.

The entire notion of encouragers and cheerleaders loses its way in a lot of lives.  Value systems wind up with a lot of taboo but very little what-to-do.  A school teacher encouraged me and it was so unusually helpful.

Children, not encouraged, however, can fall into flattering arms at first opportunity.  The adulterer in Proverbs 7 also flatters: she knows the foolish man probably has never been given proper attention.

Sound familiar?  I think the world encourages so little, that anything encouraging garners suspicion.  However, a young person, unencouraged, becomes so shocked and elated when it happens; he or she marries it quickly.  Caution, though vital for life, forms a critical value system without a balance, and is quite boring in its overall effect.  On the contrary, many yeses open new and exciting possibilities.

I didn’t sense much encouragement and felt like a loser, and then I followed through at losing.  I am not saying a person cannot still succeed without encouragement, some temperaments being more apt.  Many others however bend downward and, with no help, fail and be-times.

In ninth grade I got my first guitar.  I really loved it and practiced a lot.  I stayed with it too, and, little by little became quite adept.  I had enough discipline to know I must work at it and I took lessons and did a lot of practicing.  I never believed in a million years I would ever really do anything with it, and I didn’t.  But I kept practicing, thinking one day someone would recognize my skill and lead me into how to proceed.  No one did.

Part of my problem was a poor self image related to guilt.  However, when I weaned my conscience of guilt, I still didn’t do it, as I was insecure and really afraid to be in front of people. This I call the hump. I couldn’t get over the hump, and help failed me.  I am not placing blame but illustrating a principle.

Nothing ever happened to nurture my self image and so I quit and failed and never took it to the next level. O please, encourage your children in a real way.  Teach them how to think and speak to people and interact and also when to quiet it. Teach them real life and help them in the difficult times.  Instill a sense of value into their little hearts.

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