Friday, October 19, 2012


Blair Warner shared something on Google+ that he received from a friend. When you read the comment you'll understand why I'm resharing it "as is", no explanation needed, and no other material with it.  It's worth spending time meditating on.  Here's Blair's introduction line and his friend's statement that just blew me away:

From a friend of mine who just lost her young husband of ~ 35, and is left with 3 young boys.

"I'm reminded today that God does not make His decisions based on me -- what I think I'm strong enough to withstand or what I'm too weak to handle. His decisions come from His perfect understanding and sovereignty in what was, what is and whatever will be. To accept WHATEVER comes from His hand is to accept my own greatest good."


  1. you have no idea how much i needed to hear this today, and how similar a situation it applies to..

  2. It hit me "right between the eyes", too, when I read it. Truth is Truth. Glad it helped.