Friday, September 14, 2012

God’s Way

This is the first of what, hopefully, will be ongoing revisits by our dear friend, Pastor Tom Sliva.  Pastor Tom has "paid his dues"and successfully navigated some pretty dark times in his life.  The result has been a unique and deep relationship with our Lord.  Enjoy his insights.


“A thousand souls hear His call every second, but most every one then looks into life’s mirror and says “I am not worthy to leave this sadness” Theresa of Avila

God’s heart desires to trump mere cuddle, and introduce eternal arms around us to surpass it. God’s initiation confidently asks “Do you desire soundness?” and comes back “How about if I heal you and pledge to you life eternal on top of it all? How about if you touch my love, not just sometimes, but in an unbroken line? I will heal rejection with my infinite acceptance, poor self image with a convincing value rebuilding”. Wow, really?!? “How about if I tell you that I will take away all vileness, wound-ability and soul dullness and see you as perfect in my sight?”

No person goes back willingly into the world which ripped his head off. No point in suggesting this. God must go beyond, or we fail the attraction. Return to “normal” for wounded folks does not exist; this continues a mistake of therapy. Friends, how many times have we begged these kinds of people to just grow up? Sorry, not just normal but super-normal or forget it.

The injured individual balks at Gods love initiations and possibly has been promised variations of it, before. Nevertheless, nothing short of a convincing demonstration of perpetual love and grace and mercy will facilitate a rising above or healing effect.

When a person’s degree of contriteness allows this kind of love to penetrate their mind and heart, assuaging can take place. “A broken and contrite heart, God will not despise”, Psalm 57:15. Brokenness creates not just openness as a Bible word, but hunger. To be contrite is, however, a gift of God.

This kind of love, you see, holds not just the sentimental lovey-dovey thing, but the substance of a promise and real hope restored. Ezekiel 16 is the story of a newborn, in his own blood abandoned, but the passerby says “thy time is the time of love” and then says “live”. The child, succored, caressed and attended to, finds rescue and gains meaning, purpose, and a new name.

What frustrates and saddens us, however, is when a precious person can’t seem to abandon the self-massaged emotions syndrome. A self-destructive decision making process destroys the charity of the outsider just as much as it got them into the state they are in. A big dose of narrow-minded self indulgence propels a person grave-ward with the deceit of feel-good hanging all over it, the long term ill-effect being ignored.

In conclusion, we probably would all agree, the aptitude for life and growth requires freedom of movement and choice and also the want-to. Self preserving fear kills any inkling of true liberation as depression travels a collision course with the don’t-want-to.  In addition the true proverb of Hosea 11:3 applies: "I was healed but I knew it not.". This describes self-deceived rejection of the generosity of cure. The accumulation of baggage in the regressive turn seems too much to overcome. 

It goes without saying, we have our hands full. We must look deeper. Again rejuvenation can happen in an instant because of God’s sovereign ability. The times it doesn’t go this way becomes our next focus. But please, for now, just let God love you, OK?

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