Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Believe: A Thought Married

Here's another Todd Parsons devotional.  Enjoy. --

"Being committed to a conviction brings in conversions to my soul,". (P. Stevens). Circumstances will try us and the question to ask myself is where will I stand... I made a commitment to my wife, Tricia, to be her husband till death do us part. I believe that. It is a thought I have married....

Oswald Chambers devotional today (August 31) is talking about us having Christ's joy, not happiness. He uses this word "captious" that I have heard before and have pondered.  And do so again. Webster's says, 
  1. "calculated to confuse, entrap, or entangle in argument", 
  2. "marked by an inclination to stress faults and raise objections". 
Chambers makes these statements using the word "captious". "The first thing that will hinder (Christ's joy to you) is the captious irritation of thinking out circumstances.  The cares of this world, said Jesus, will choke God's word"... "Be rightly related to God, find your joy there, and out of you will flow rivers of living water". "The life that is rightly related to God is as natural as breathing wherever it goes. The lives that have been of most blessing to you are those who were unconscious of it". (My Utmost for His Highest-8/31)

"How can we prevent being controlled, oppressed, and dominated by circumstances?", Pastor Stevens asks in another devotional I read, (a Faith Thoughts booklet from August 1985),  He goes on to say, "The only way to accomplish this is prayer.  We must establish a constant habit of turning to God in order to get His mind for every decision and detail of life.  What does this produce?  It produces a person who surrenders to God and gives Him complete control.".

Needing God every morning is a thought I choose to marry....  That I need His joy is another thought i choose to marry....

Of Great Love, we are, tjp

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