Monday, June 25, 2012

The Week That Will Be

Back in the day, there was a show called “That Was The Week That Was”.  Or TWTWTW.  It consisted of topical skits, based on recent news items.  Some a little risque, all very funny.  This week, we get TWTWB – the week that will be.  

Our church is hosting our ministry’s annual international convention.  A mashup of various preaching sessions, intertwined with various booths offering food and other goods to support various ministries within our ministry, including our international radio program and even some intended new church plantings, plus lots of free fellowship time to spend with a wide variety of old friends in the Lord.  Much of it consists of paid events, but some is free and open to the public.  If you’re in Baltimore or the area, check out what’s happening at 6025 Moravia Park Drive.

It’s going to be an exciting week!  And, although I have the beginnings for four or five posts, I’m not sure which, if any will get completed and posted this week.  Maybe one, maybe a few, maybe none.  And that’s OK.  The spiritual batteries are getting recharged big time.  And that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about today.

Consider that, once we’ve accepted Jesus as the Savior of our soul, He resides in us.  With the exception of when Jesus took our sin and sins upon Himself, the Trinity has never been separated.  So, we have a connection to all three parts of the Trinity.  But, like our physical eyesight, if our spiritual sight is too close or too far away, we don’t see very much.  We don’t often recognize much of what’s in us.  I think that’s the reason that the New Testament tells us we need to fellowship together.  When we fellowship with other believers, they’re the part of the Trinity we can experience that’s neither too close nor too far away.  We get to experience God in the Body of Christ – His church.

On one level, we can picture our fellowship like an adult bird feeding the babies.  The pastor (or mature believer) digests the Word, then refeeds it to the rest, in a form they can digest.  The difference is that, in our spiritual feeding, everyone has an opportunity to participate and bless others.  Which is why church needs to be a consistent part of our lives.  And church needs to be more than a one hour a week duty, where the sermon and our fellow church members are forgotten the rest of the week.

Church is an opportunity to meet God in His Word and in our fellowship with other believers.  Once we understand that, it becomes exciting!  And, instead of being a dreaded duty, getting to church becomes fun, exciting, and something to look forward to.  If you can understand that, you know how excited I get multiple times a week.  And, even more, how much I’m looking forward to 16+ hours a day at our convention.  And, yes, I’ll sneak in a quickie nap, someplace.  But it is already an unbelievably awesome time fellowshipping with friends from all over the world.

So, no promises about what shows up here, this week.  But keep watching with expectation.  Matthew 6:33 -- But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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