Saturday, June 16, 2012

Afar Off– Epilogue

Looking at our illustration, again, it’s a photograph by John Vincent, “Sunrise in My Backyard” is the title.  And the thing that struck me about the image was that the source of light was past the horizon, out of sight.  Yet, it lights up everything.  And that speaks volumes about our relationship with God.

There are a few things about our relationship with God that I’d like to have us keep in mind.  Because God makes that relationship easy and it’s important.

We’ve mentioned that, no matter whether the light source in that picture is out of sight, below the horizon, or up in the sky, it’s still lighting our surroundings.  In fact, if our eyes were sensitive enough, we’d have a very difficult and expensive time creating a lightproof room.  And, still, some light is likely to get in.  It’s exactly the same in the spiritual realm.  Whether we analogize the light as being Truth or God’s love, some always gets in.  And it’s us and our world that create the barriers to the light getting in.  So:
  1. The light will continue to shine.  That’s the nature of light.
  2. No matter how dark it may seem, some light will always get in.
  3. Our capacity for the light may not be strong enough to recognize that there is some light.
  4. We create the barriers to light, the light source doesn’t.
  5. Those barriers to spiritual light can be removed.  Sometimes God does that for us.  More often He guides us to removing our own barriers.  So we recognize that we’re better off without them.
All of that is foundational.  We could go into a list of verses and the grammar and definitions of the original language statements to show that.  But that’s beyond the scope of what we do here.  And, it’s better that you do all that yourself.  Whether by personal study or by Bible college courses.

Think about the events of “holy week” that we just described in the eight parts of this series that we just completed.  Some of us have either given or experienced some degree of sacrificial love.  Maybe slight, maybe great.  Does it compare to the lengths Jesus went to to rescue our souls?  When you see all the things Jesus went through in just that week (plus the rest of His life), it’s obvious that nothing comes close to what He sacrificed for us -- beyond the norm.
  1. The path of salvation was planned out in eternity past.  As such, Christ knew what was coming long before it was to happen.
  2. Despite that, He continued to move forward with the plan, when you or I might have stopped short of the goal.
  3. His fears weren't of the trials He'd experience.  They were that something might get in the way of fulfilling the plan.
  4. His fears weren't based on being a weak God.  But, instead, on what He as a human was experiencing.  Because Jesus gave up using powers of His Godhood so that the plan might be fulfilled in the only correct a man.
  5. Jesus didn't need to continue with the trials, torture and all that went with the plan.  But He continued because of God's great love for us.
  6. "Holy Week" is both a result of God's love for us and a demonstration of that love.  To a degree that our humanity could never match.
Some amazing things to consider.  If you are a Christian, there's lots to bolster your faith.  If you don't have Jesus as your savior, think about the depth of love shown.  And remember that you can experience that love, too.  If you want more information, feel free to contact me at  But, even better, find a pastor local to you and let him guide you in getting to know all that Jesus did.  Just for you.

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