Monday, February 13, 2012

Prayer Request for Healing and Comfort

Details have distracted me from continuing with the "Connecting" series. The rest is coming shortly.  In the meantime,  please consider the following and be in prayer.  Thanks.

Grace Connection Church:

"As you know Our precious daughter Hannah was a victim of a tragic, accidental gunshot wound to her head. She remains in very critical condition, the prognosis is not good. Please pray the swelling to goes down in her brain. The out pouring of love has been overwhelming and humbling--thank you all. There is no way to thank you all as hundreds have contacted us. I am getting your messages--your love speaks life into our souls. Please continue to pray for my family, we need a miracle.

Pastor Kelley"

That's from a dear friend in Christ. Please pray with us for Hannah's recovery, comfort for the family, and peace for whatever God's will may be.


  1. From Pastor Wayne Goldsworthy, re: Hannah Grace Kelley's recovery:

    "HUGE PRAISE REPORT!! I just got off phone with Ps. Kelley. Hannah seems to have turned a bit of a corner through the night. She has been on medicine to reduce her brain swelling. They monitor the level of her kidneys as they are affected by the medicine. At 8 PM last night they stopped the meds as the kidney level was borderline. Through the night her brain didn't spike a swelling and in fact has held steady with a respectable number. It is now 1 PM Wednesday and Hannah has held her own without the swelling med. THIS IS AN ANSWER TO THE SYMPHONY OF PRAYERS REACHING GOD'S EARS!"

    She was also able to not aspirate the liquid in her feeding tube for the first time. With tears in my eyes I can tell you it was si good to hear a lightness in Ps. Tim's voice. Keep praying, remain vigilant, continue to be diligent watchman. The road ahead is still long and tenuous but on the road she is!

  2. From Hannah's dad, Pastor Kelley:

    Hello Dear Friends. Thank you again for the astounding display of love and support you have demonstrated towards my family and our precious Hannah Grace. You have taken our breath away. Hannah no longer has any brain swelling, it is considered normal. If you knew the details, you would stand in awe. They are now trying to get her balanced out from the damaging effects of the medication she was on to reduce the swelling. That may take several days. We do not know as of yet what the next step will be, we will find out after the next conference with her doctor. Please do not relent in your focused, fervent prayers. There are more miracles needed! The ICU waiting room up here on the second floor is fill every night with praying saints. Some I know, many I don't. There are people in there 24 hours everyday praying every half hour for Hannah. We have not been alone since we arrived at the hospital. Amazing. I watched much of the prayer service last night and was so blessed. We are here for the long haul. KEEP PRAYING. Heaven has been moved. Words cannot express our love and gratitude for you all. I called Moises last night and told him how much we loved him. He will always be loved by my family, all of us. Please pray for our precious Sadie Lynne, mom and dad are not around that much for her we are trying to keep her life as normal as we can. We love you all very deeply. Pastor Kelley