Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His Wonderful Works

Once again, another sweet meditation from Todd Parsons:

Free volition is God's first gift to man. The ability to be sovereign over my own life's existence. To demand what I will for my own life. Yet my life did not come from or is of itself... Therefore, though for a moment in time it can do whatever of its own accord, beyond time my life falls into the will and sovereignty of the One Who created me, for all eternity.

If I make a lifelong choice to not allow His sovereignty a place in the sovereignty that He gave to me, it is His choice to place me in an eternal place where He will not be, which in its essense honors my choice... If I exist because of the Lord, what kind of place will that be if He is not there... And "ALL" that He has provided is not there... It will be a void will it not?

We can thank Him deeply that He has given us "time" to learn this before "time" has ended. And we, giving the Lord our own sovereign will, in our attention to Him and His work, now will allow us to be an instrument in His hand that can facilitate others in knowing how good and gracious He is to all... That they may decide what destiny they would have of there own sovereign choice... With or Without the Lord... 

O' that men would recognize that the Lord is Gracious and is Sovereign over all? Ps.107:15... Of Great Love, tjp

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