Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spiritual Myopia

It's been awhile since we've done a weekly miscellany post.  And it's time.So, here we go, again.

Where we used to have a prayer list at the end of our posts, that now has it's own page.  Accessible from the tabs at the top of your screen.  We're exploring a way to allow you to leave prayer requests so we can add them to the list. You may have noticed the small boxes at the top, on either side of the posting area.  On the left you can subscribe to the site in your favorite newsreader system or app.  Or you can use the right hand box to subscribe by email.

There are other things we're considering.  More on those as they happen. But you might notice a box on the left, labeled "Bill's Other Stuff".  And that's exactly what it is -- the other stuff.  All the things  that don't fit in, here, will be over there.  Whether it be music, politics, general tech, opinion or whatever.  Since our main focus will still be here, I'm not sure how frequently Bill's Other Stuff will be updated.  But links to the latest posts will always show up in that box.  The latest post there, by the way, explains how that blog came about.

We mentioned the prayer page.  Just a reminder of how that works, here. The first time someone gets added to the list, the reason for the addition will be in the latest post.  After that, just the name will be listed on the prayer page.  Some have requested to be listed by first name only, for reasons of privacy or delicacy.  To keep those from standing out, we decided to make the entire list first names only.

Having said that, I spend a lot of time talking to people on the phone.  Both for ministry and work.  Yesterday, I spoke to Donna in West Virginia. She's about to have surgery for some metal in her back.  Our connection was so bad that I'm unsure of whether the metal was in there intentionally  and needed readjusting or it was a problem and needed to be removed.  Either way, she was happy that we'd be praying for her.  And don't forget the rest of the people on the prayer list page.

And here's Pastor Brian's devotional, "Spiritual Myopia":

Love did two things that are the motivators, initiators and propellants of the Christian life - established our sure eternal destiny in Christ and purged us of all sin and unrighteousness. Spiritual myopia (short sightedness that cannot see our final state) and spiritual amnesia (forgetting our sinfulness and His sacrifice that forgave our sins) will cause us to lose momentum and finally to become spiritually barren and fruitless. Let's make sure we look far enough ahead and far enough behind to see the great things love has done for us. Then love will empower us and compel us forward in God's plan.


Until next time.

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