Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Week's Miscellany

I belong to a ministry where, in order to keep most of the tithes and offerings going toward actual ministry, many of us put in whatever time we can at the church for free and work elsewhere in order to support ourselves.  A lot of what I do in the church involves talking to people on the phone.  And, you guessed it, my job has me on the phone with people.  Today I got the privilege of speaking with a wonderful couple named Jimmy and Betty who I promised we'd include in our prayer list here.  Betty said she was going through some health issues.  And her husband Jimmy is dealing with a second bout with cancer.  They're beautiful believers who appreciate our prayers.


Summer is a time when we can either have a great time in the Lord in various ways or we can just enjoy ourselves.  If we've been on this earth for awhile, we've figured out that leaving the Lord behind is far from the greatest idea we could have.  One of the things to help keep God in your summer is a good summer reading program.  If you have a Kindle, Amazon's done something to help with "Sunshine Deals", found here:  The sale runs through June 15 and there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 books priced at $.99, $1.99 and $2.99.  Included are ""Plan B" by Pastor Pete Wilson of Nashville's Cross Point Church, several of Pastor Mark Driscoll's books (Mars Hill Church) and a couple of John Piper goodies.  Plus some good stuff in other categories.  One warning.  Normally, alternative lifestyle stuff and other things are well hidden.  Because of the sale, some of these are toward the back of the list (if you have the list sorted by best selling), but not so well hidden away.  It would be best to use parental guidance when going through the list.  What I did to deal with that (for myself) was focus on looking for titles I did want to pay attention to.  Then, when I found one, I'd open the book's page in a separate tab, check the description and, if still interested, add it to my wish list.  The next move was to close the tab and move on.  Now I can revisit just the really good stuff by going to my wish list and make my choices without having to deal with the other stuff again.  Whether that works for you or not is between you and God.

Another alternative is to look for hardcopy books.  Yard and estate sales can have some gems and some of the GoodWill and Salvation Army thrift stores have really inexpensive used books.  Or there are good Bible reading plans to really allow you to enjoy getting deeper into the Word.

But the point is, no matter how you find what you read this summer, there's a lot of interesting Godly material available and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.  And that kind of reading can help you have a great summer while still being well anchored in God's thoughts.


Here are a few goodies from Twitter:

The5iveSolas says, "A Christian without prayer is like McDonald's without the burgers.".

Or "RT : Sometimes God lets us lose hope for a moment so we'll retrace our steps and remember every place we saw it last.", from Gail Hyatt.

And, from XploreMyFaith, "Quality of our prayer life is a good indicator of the quality of our relationship with God."

I don't think I need to add anything to those.  Have a blessed weekend.  I'll see you on Twitter or on the other side of Sunday, God willing.  Don't forget our newcomers to the prayer corner, Jimmy and Betty.  And we still need to be praying for Curtis, Peggy, Joyce, and Libby.  And their families.

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