Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Free Will?

Today's one of those days when we hit a couple of short topics.  But they'll get us thinking!

First of all, a praise report! After some really serious medical stuff, Joyce went home from the hospital Monday! A very rapid recovery! Thanks for all the prayers.


One of my "go to places" for general "how to" stuff is Lifehacker.  They seem to find all kinds of useful fixes and projects.  And they sometimes find some pretty unique thinking and studies.  Recently they had an article quoting a scientific study that we exercise free will only if we think we have it.  The Lifehacker article is here:  I can see what I consider a flaw in the study, but they do seem to prove that we can be convinced we don't have free will and, therefore, don't exercise it.  What do you think?


Most of you know I like Michael Hyatt's blog.  About a week ago, he had a post titled "What are You Doing to Protect Your Marriage?" found at Some very good insights. But there's a response here, at Her.Meneutics: called "Guarding Your Marriage Without Dissing Women" .by Gina Dalfonzo. She brings up some interesting situations, such as  Pastor Gerry Falwell never picking up a lone woman church member walking in the rain.  Many of us have longterm upbringing that, as a gentleman, it's improper not to offer her a ride.  Where do you balance that with "avoiding the appearance of evil" or avoiding temptation.  Or Jon Acuff mentioning that his publisher is a female. Does he avoid a lunch meeting because Jon couldn't get his wife or someone else to join them?  Or are there situations where the location or the nature of the relationship set boundaries that eliminate the "appearance of evil" and stave off temptation?  Is it possible to be just friends with someone of the opposite sex?  And where do I balance my own responsibility in dealing with my thoughts and manipulating the circumstances to protect myself from having to take that responsibility?


Continue to pray for Curtis and Libby.  Even though things are moving in the right direction for Peggy and Joyce, there's more healing needed.  So, don't for get them, either.  And I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the two subjects today.

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