Saturday, June 11, 2011

It’s June 11, 2011

That sounds downright official.  But it’s no more so than any given week’s randomness.  So, let’s get to it.

Yesterday, I mentioned my church’s International Convention, something I’m really looking forward to.  It’s our way of letting members of the Body of Christ from all over the world be edifiied by live preaching at home base.  And it allows all of us to edify each other by sharing what God’s doing in each of our lives.  Plenty of the Word, lots of great fellowship, good food.  If you can make it, Convention starts Monday June 20 and goes through that Saturday.  But, with missionaries already arriving and some staying awhile after, it already feels like we’ve started.  If you can make it, our convention is a great event.  Because of work,  I’ll be there from Wednesday on.  I’d love to meet some of you for food and fellowship in the Word.  For more info, go to:


We’re considering some technical changes, here.  Mostly to better keep like subjects together and to clean up the layout to make it  easier to find what you’re looking for.  For instance, we have a sidebar with some of our favorite links.  We’re considering adding a separate page with a larger link list and more detailed descriptions to make it easier to find what you want.  And the tech articles would have their own section.  Plus we’d be able to have a section for those things we might have skipped before because they didn’t really fit well with the normal subject range when everything was together.  What do you think?


Now, here’s a content and spiritual quandary for you.  It wasn’t all that long ago I was led to close each post with a prayer reminder for Libby Spradlin and her family because of major health issues.  Then God put it on my heart that there were people I know personally who also have prayer needs  And the needs are equally as great.  So, I began adding more prayer needs.  And it’s continuing to grow.  So, I have a few questions.
  • Maybe it’s because of my counseling experience, but wanting to respect people’s right to privacy, I’ve kept the list to first names only, for the most part.  Am I being overly sensitive to privacy?
  • Partly for the same reason and partly to avoid boxing in my thoughts about the situations, I’ve intentionally left out what the prayer requests are, after they’re mentioned the first time.  For me, it’s very much like when I’m writing a post for here.  I like music on, but usually not anything recognizably “Christian” and with no lyrics to focus my thoughts into the singer’s direction of spirituality.  So, it becomes me, the person being prayed for, and God.  And, sometimes, praying that way, God leads me to pray for other things than the original prayer need.  That all works for me.  But does that work just as well for you?  And would reminders of the original request be helpful for you?

  • And, since we’re working on having tabbed sections to the blog, would a prayer request page (with its own tab) be more helpful in helping get to the prayer needs?  Which hopefully would mean more prayer time.

  •       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So, we have Jo Ann, Jimmy & Betty, Curtis, Peggy, Joyce and Libby, their families and friends.  Keep them in prayer.  And add Michelle to the list, a young lady recuperating from surgery.

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