Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More of the Random

1Corinthians 14:40  Let all things be done decently and in order.

That verse is key to some of today's random thoughts.  The first being another tech gem to make life and ministry easy.

One that's become almost as indispensable as my right arm is Evernote.  It's, basically, a note taking/keeping system.  Which doesn't seem like much, but it's so much more.  Evernote is available for PC and Mac, plus most smartphone platforms (more to come). Once you create an account, notes are stored in encrypted form online, accessible from computer or phone either via dedicated software or web interface.  Anything you want to commit to writing and have readily available, no matter where you are, is perfect for Evernote.  Your privacy is protected, the contents of your notes is considered yours only and those plus your account are protected by encryption.

The utility of Evernote is amazing.  Here are some examples:

1) You can organize by multiple notebooks and stacks of notebooks on the computer.  The phone apps (at least for Blackberry) don't do this, but will now recognize all the notes you've created.
2) There is a webclipper add-on for most computer browsers that allows copying web content directly into an Evernote note.
3) Your Evernote account includes an Evernote email address.  That allows you to create an email to your Evernote account that goes directly into a note.  Have you ever been somewhere and wanted to keep notes for future use, possibly on a different device than you might later want to access the info from?  Email it to your Evernote account and the info will be available on all the devices you use Evernote on.
4) The Biblereader phone app can send your personal Bible notes to your Evernote account.
5) There's a function called myEM that connects your Twitter and Evernote accounts so that you can send selected tweets to your Evernote account.

Those are just a few of the gems that make Evernote so good.  As long as you sync with your account before closing, each time, you can create and edit something anywhere you've got a device that can let you access your account.  So, you could start something on your home computer, continue it on your phone while commuting (if you're not driving), edit from your office computer, etc.  Flexible and it allows you to be creative when the thought is in mind.  Available at  Decently and in good order.


Pastor Mark Driscoll recently tweeted "They are addicts, getting high on preaching & mingling, needing a fix: Conference Christians.".  Follow the link to the full article.  Whether it's a variety of conferences or conferences within your own ministry, does it sound like anyone you know?


It's always a joy when I get to hear, see or read real wisdom.  I'm not talking about flowery speech and great philosophical thought.  I'm talking about the simple wisdom that comes when you think with God. Kim Bruce is young lady who's relatively new in the blogosphere, but she writes well and definitely shows a heart after God.  You can find her posts at  Particularly Sunday's post, "A Conversation with God About Adventure" at  Read it.  It puts the proper perspective on a lot of things.  You can also follow her on Twitter as @kimthebruce.  In both places, decently and in good order.


I think I've given you some good links to some things to take your walk with God a little further.  So, I'm going to go enjoy my birthday. As always, continue to keep Libby and her family in prayer.

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