Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some REALLY Random Thoughts

If you liked Part 3 of our "Fear Not" series, take a look at Pastor Pete Wilson's "Stuck in Saturday", here: http://bit.ly/fmsxhA. It highlights the modern day equivalent of being between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, that point of spiritual uncertainty.  Definitely worth reading.


Now that Easter is over, I have a couple of last thoughts.

It struck me, this Easter season, how really led of God Joseph of Arimathaea must really have been.  In most cases, those who were crucified either had families who had burial plots or those put to death had no one who really care if they ended up in a mass body dump.  And here was Jesus, on the Cross till late afternoon, no burial plot.  The sabbath started at sundown and, by law, if a person wasn't buried before the sabbath, the burial had to wait till after the sabbath. Which would have left Jesus' body at the mercy of scavenging animals, possibly.creating bodily damage that might have prevented Christ from fulfilling some of prophecy.  But Joseph of Arimathaea came forward and offered his burial tomb.  I can't help but wonder at the spirituality that led to the timing!

One of the things I've never quite understood is what I'll call "the battle for Easter".  There are parts of Christianity whose main Easter season focus is the three hours on the Cross, almost to the point of downplaying the importance of the Resurrection.  And there are others who so emphasize the Resurrection that it almost makes the Crucifixion seem unimportant.  In truth, none of us can deny that without the Resurrection, nothing else would have the spiritual impact that it does.  But let me ask you a question. If, instead of the Cross, Jesus died say from a brick falling off a house and hitting His head, would the Resurrection be taken as seriously as it is?  Or would it become no more than a spiritual magic trick?  We have to remember that, in God's economy, nothing (and no one) is wasted or unimportant.  The Crucifixion adds meaning to the Resurrection and the Resurrection validates the Crucifixion.  One without the other would mean much less.


And now for a couple of gems from Twitter.

Andrea Lucado highlighted "How Much Does Our Faith Depend on Our Pastor's?" at:  .  It's a great discussion of whether we believe what we do because we came to our own conclusions or we were influenced in some degree by the teaching we got from the pulpit.  It's a great read and the comments to the article are really interesting.

One of my favorite feeds is @desiringgod, which I believe comes from John Piper's ministry.  One of my favorite tweets today quoted J. D. Greear:, “Love for God is genuine only when God is a means to nothing else but God.” (Breaking the Islam Code, 97).

Until the next time, love God, love people, in that order.  And don't forget to pray for Libby.

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