Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fear Not, Part 3

In the preceding section, I didn't include several other possible points of trial for Jesus.  

As much as we focus on the person of Christ through the events leading up to and including the Crucifixion, there was a lifetime of mental anguish.  We see times throughout Jesus' life, even including His childhood preaching in the temple and recognized for the spiritual content, where He is thought of as being no more than just a carpenter's son.  Both Judas' and Peter's actions were predicted by Scripture or Jesus Himself.  But I can't imagine the mental pain and anguish of Jesus' Godhood's awareness of each event as it occurred. And, even more, Jesus' anguish through His life, being aware of all the rejections that were eternally separating some of His creation from Him completely and finally, to a place originally intended only for Satan and the fallen angels.  I left those thoughts out of yesterday's post to keep it from becoming overly long.  And, even though I want us to consider those thoughts, I keep them brief today because that's not the real focus of today's meditation.

So, here we are, past "Good Friday", but not yet having reached "Easter Sunday".  Just like Jesus' original apostles and disciples.  Have you ever noticed that there's nothing said in any of the Gospels about that period between Jesus' burial and when the women went to the grave to find the stone rolled away?  It doesn't say whether His followers scattered or gathered together, whether they ate or fasted, whether they prayed or just cowered in fear.  Some of each was probably true.  But we can picture it being a time of confusion and fear.  Before this, they had Jesus to guide them.  Now?  What seemed like nothing.  People still against them.  Satan, thinking he had won, deciding to get even with them in every way he could.  

The apostles and disciples?  With no "reality" of the Christ to hold onto, probably questioning some, battling the doubts and fears with whatever human resources they could muster along with the spiritual resources that God had given them.  And we know that God will only put us through things that He has given us the spiritual resources to successfully overcome.  But I wonder what their capacity was to use those resources.  We certainly have a greater amount of spiritual information about what occurred in Biblical times, who Christ was.  In that sense, even though the disciples had seen miracles, heard Jesus' teaching, this was a time when they were required to exercise faith in ways and to a degree that we don't have to.  And it brings to mind all those people we meet who have a "measure of faith", but just don't quite seem to "get it".  Who somehow make it through each day but seemingly nothing more.  The ones who mostly get to see Jesus through us.  And, if Jesus is truly what we give them - not just giving ourselves - we get the blessing of seeing amazing spiritual growth because the reality of the Savior is what will take us all to new heights.

A new day is dawning, more tomorrow.  And don't forget to pray for Libby.

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