Monday, April 18, 2011

Because He Lives....

Is the title of a well known Christian song.  And part of the title of a great Easter play, "Because He Lives, a Centurion's Tale".  Greater Grace World Outreach church has a reputation for great Easter plays, both for edifying the Body of Christ and as an evangelical outreach.  Performances are Monday 4/18/11 through Friday 4/22/11 at 7:30pm, except Wednesday (for the regular midweek service).  And Saturday 4/23/11 at 6pm.  If you're in the Baltimore area, the address is Greater Grace World Outreach Church, 6025 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21206.  And, because of the popularity of the play, I'd suggest coming early.  And if you know someone who needs to know the Lord, bring them.  It's free and all are welcome.  If you can't attend,  I believe the Friday and Saturday performances will be streamed over the web at


Recently, I tweeted, "If you give God rights to your schedule, He may use it, He may change it, but He'll never waste it or abuse it."  I truly believe that a real walk with God requires giving Him complete control of your schedule, especially in ministry.  And, as the saying goes, "There's an app for that."  It's called PocketInformant and integrates a number of different calendar views with access to your contact list.  So, you have the ability to schedule appointments and include people from your contact list in the appointment notation.  And you can schedule tasks.  I include regularly recurring events like meetings and church services in my calendar so that, if I'm scheduling a time to meet with someone, they can see I have those regular event times unavailable.  PocketInformant is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.  When I first discovered it, there was a Windows Mobile version, as well.  As always, there is some variation between platforms, but each that I've tried has given me a better handle on my schedule than the native phone app.  It's certainly made my life much easier to direct the way God would have it ordered.


Update: The doctors are apparently still unclear on the cause of Libby Spradlin's health issues.  You can read her mom's latest post on how things are going at  My original post is in my March 21 entry and includes a link to the original post that brought Libby to my attention.  So, please continue to keep Libby and her family in your prayers.

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