Sunday, April 10, 2011

All things....

Romans 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 

The above verse wasn't originally going to be the topic of today's post. But it's what my Pastor preached on, this morning.  And the verse has come up multiple times in my own counsel for several people I've been talking to over the last two weeks.  The verse is a dichotomy.  It's the easiest and yet the toughest to live in.  It's easy because, if you believe the verse, any of your circumstances become easy -- you don't have to deal with them, God does.  The verse is the toughest because you can't just say you trust God.  You really have to trust Him.  Or the verse will give you no peace and comfort at all.

Romans 8:31b follows up with, "If God is for us, who can be against us?".  It all comes down to what or how much we believe.  Do we believe that martyrs for the faith like Richard Wurmbrand went through torture and prison because there was something wrong with their walk with God or with their faith in God?  That we get in car accidents or some level of poverty because of sin in our lives?  Or do we believe that God is omniscient, omnipotent, all loving, orchestrating circumstances to benefit us, or others, or both? Because how well that verse helps you really depends on how much you believe it.  And, maybe, whether you've experienced it.  

If we really do believe that "all things work together for good....", then we automatically have the peace of mind to rest in whatever circumstances come our way.  And we understand that the statement "If God is for us, who can be against us?" has a different meaning in the spiritual warfare going on around us -- not that we won't be a target, not that we can't be wounded or spiritually injured, but that we can't be spiritually killed, that our spiritual wounds will heal in such a way that we will succeed in all circumstances.  Better after the results of the battle than we were before the battle.  So, just believe and rejoice.


And, today, I wanted to share another techie tool and blessing.  One of my greatest ministry tools is Twitter.  And my use of it has evolved over the time I've been using Twitter.  My intent was always to edify and share thoughts on the Word.  And to follow the thinking and people that interested me.  I started with one account that combined a bunch of stuff I was following.  Then I added Mashable.

Mashable is probably one of the very best techie catchall sources. And a profuse tweeter.  It became obvious that it overwhelmed everything else.  Much like the strains of a gentle acoustic guitar get lost when surrounded by a stellar rock band playing at concert volume via concert speakers.  Which brought my second account into existence.  I moved my tech related stuff and Mashable to that account.  And, in the meantime, started adding more spiritual sources to my primary account.  All the while, I was tweeting scripture and thoughts about God's Word on my primary account.  I soon realized that I had followers to both accounts and each group was different.  And the tech followers I had weren't likely to get tweets that built them up to sail through lifes little quirks.  So, I started tweeting the same material on both accounts, via copy and paste.

Somewhere along the line, my life and Twittering became more mobile.  And all of this got moved to my phone.  And I added some local police and news sources to read.  Those and Mashable forced a third account.  And Mashable got moved to being read via an RSS feed in another app.  My primary Twitter account allows me to follow quite a few spiritual sources, post my own thoughts and retweet some great quotes from others.  My second account has all my techie reading and allows me to retweet my primary account posts to the techie community.  My third account has my safety, news and entertainment feeds, plus allowing me to retweet my spiritual posts to those groups.

Remember: Love God, love people, in that order, and don't forget to pray for Libby.

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