Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Return for Prayer

It's been a year and a half since I was last on here.  God's kept me very busy in other directions. And it's been a fun ride.  But, recently, God has put it on my heart to restart the blog.  I had a bunch of ideas for my first post.  God had another thought in mind.  So, I'll start by asking you to pray for Libby Spradlin.  In a moment, I'll explain why.

Among my favorite subjects are spiritual leadership and the how-to of communicating via places like here.  And I recently found a blog that covers both (plus other things), written by Michael Hyatt.  Some of you may recognize the name, some may not.  Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  You could very possibly be reading a Bible or Christian book published by them.  His blog can be found at http://michaelhyatt.com. It's worth a read.  

But I mentioned Michael here because Libby Spradlin is his granddaughter.  Libby has a very painful health condition that the medical people can't seem to pinpoint what it is or how to end it.  The details of the turmoil can be found on her mom's blog, here:  http://thedomesticexecutive.com/out-of-desperation.html.  When you read that, you'll understand the need for prayer.  That post brought me to tears for Libby.  Her grandparents and parents certainly have need for prayerful support, but they've certainly had time to develop their relationship with God and their understanding of Him.  Then there's Libby, who is going through a trial worthy of Job and her childlike faith gives her strength.  But how long before the pain gets to her spirit, before doubts come in?  The parents and grandparents need prayer for themselves in this situation, wisdom in keeping Libby as happy as possible and close to God.  So please pray for the Hyatts, the Spradlins and, most of all for Libby.

Also, there's a gentleman I'll call "Big J" (God knows who he is), who has made some spiritual missteps.  I've had the opportunity to give him some long distance counsel.  The next step is pastoral counsel from a local pastor in his area.  So, please pray that he finds the right pastor, receives the loving strength he needs from his friends and isn't held back in any area of his walk by embarrassment from his mistakes.

Those two situations got me thinking about prayer.  Yes, things happen because we pray.  But I think the biggest part of prayer is that it changes us.  As our focus and our concern grows for people and circumstances beyond ourselves, prayer allows our attitudes to become more God like.  We think more like Him, have more mercy like Him, give Grace like Him.  You can't stay angry at someone you really pray for.  And you can't help but grow in love for who you pray for.

So pray for Big J, the Hyatts and the Spradlins.  And, most of all, for precious Libby.

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