Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Anyone familiar with jazz will recognize the song title. The song speaks of a change in relationship. Interestingly, that's what we celebrate every December 25th. Just 2,008 years ago, God did exactly that -- put into effect the beginning of a change in relationship. In reality the change was prehistoric, when God first made the decision. But the operational functioning of that decision began with the birth of Christ. And every year, our hearts, minds & spirits jump for joy, have a spiritual party, are elated, shout for joy, & all the other good things that celebrate the fact that God gave us the one solution to our one true problem. For, truly, we have no way to save ourselves from ourselves. But He gave us of Himself to save us! So, as we meditate on what He's done for us, today, let's also think of those around us. Many don't yet know that there's more than the emotional & spiritual morass they're engulfed in. But we can tell them. And, even more, we can guide them out of it. Because, where they recognize the problem, we know the solution. Merry Christmas!

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