Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love Thy Brother

Part of March 14's devotional by Richard Wurmbrand struck a respondent chord in my spirit and I wanted to share some of it. : "Real religion begins with a readiness to acknowledge that all your beliefs, including the most cherished, may be wrong, that your own religion may be a variety of prejudice just as you conceive others to be." -- We've all come to whatever point we are in life through how well we relate to God and God's people, some of us doing better than others, some worse than others. And, for a long time, I've suggested that we'll all get to heaven and be surprised at some of the things we're wrong about and surprised at some of the people we'll find there. I suspect that our worst surprise will be finding out how our petty doctrinal and other bickering among believers does disservice to the kingdom of God & great service to the other kingdom. It'd be nice if we really loved ALL the brethren, as we're commanded, wouldn't it?

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