Monday, March 17, 2008

King or friend?

The traditional song "Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King" says, "Now Your grace is always with me And I’ll never be alone." Which certainly sounds like a touch of God's friendship if I ever heard one. And Tommy Walker's song "Break Through" includes the words "Just one touch from You my King, my Friend And I'll never be the same again." Both songs reference God's kingship and friendship, but which is really more important in our relationship with God?

There are schools of theological thought that say the important thing is making God our king, Lord of our life. But is our doing that really important? Is what we do that important or is it what God has done for us? He saved us through His Son, He delivers us on a daily basis. And the plan of salvation & deliverance came in eternity past to cover our sins & situations, past, present, & future.

When the Bible says that we love Him because "He first loved us", it speaks to that fact & right to our humanity. When is the last time you trusted someone's authority over their friendship and love? We may bow down unwillingly to a ruler who doesn't show himself to be a friend, but we will gladly recognize true authority in a ruler who is first a friend. I think God recognized that when He made the first commandment "love thy God" instead of "bow down in submission to thy God", because love can bring willing worship, but submission never creates love. Received love & friendship create trust that endows the giver with an authority that is easy to submit to & creates a true atmosphere of worship.

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